I have foreseen

life’s changing tone : I have myself girded

for we all Must, Alone

when the darkness begins to thicken

our Soul must surely quicken

a strange, strange thing

comin down on me


even my lover is drifting away…..

he’s oft taken cover

when things turn this way

he is not himself to blame

for this soul sense has no name

a strange premonition

comin down on me


will you still be there

when this does pass?  you were at the first I know

but will you be at Last?

I can feel the shadows loom

smell their distinct perfume

what is this sense of pending doom?

makes me hide inside my room….

..a strange premonition…..

comin down on me


where is the button?  the one we all can push?

someone once told me  – Vacating is Good

some part of me is fear & the sense won’t even clear

the Sun of Day, the night

both should comfort me, delight

downtrodden in oh, so many ways

I can not tell you all of them today

tis a strange premonition I am saying

comin down on me


if I do not return….please promise me this

you will re read these words again

ponder your wish

life can be Rich but also Stained

with the most exquisite pain…a strange premonition…..


down on me


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